Gran Viaggio – premium packaging

How our flexible, innovative approach delivered great results at a fraction of the expected cost

Our Client
Philip Morris is an American cigarette and tobacco company with products sold in over 200 countries. Their most recognised brand is Marlboro.

The Challenge
Philip Morris ran a competition where fourteen winners would win a holiday travelling through the Italian countryside in a range of supercars. The cars included models from Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Every winner was to be presented with a bespoke box containing a personalised experience brochure and a key ring. Both the box and the brochure required Spot UV. Given the valuable nature of the prize and the prestige brands associated with it, it was essential that the boxes we produced had a premium look and feel.

Our value-added solution
A typical response to a project like this would involve a cardboard engineer coming up with a design and concept. They would produce a white dummy then a creative team would work up designs. The brochures would be litho printed and spot UV applied in the finishing processes. However, this is can be expensive, especially given the small quantity in this instance.

We knew we could not compromise on quality but were determined to find a lower cost solution for the client. We sourced high quality black board, created a cutter guide for a 230mm square sized box and CAD cut and hand glued the boxes together.

We opted to use Scodix rather than the traditional spot UV method. Scodix is applied using a high-end inkjet production machine that prints a clear UV ink. The main benefit of Scodix over UV ink is each sheet can be individual printed with a different subject matter and personalised. Unlike the more expensive Spot UV, just a few sheets can be produced at a relatively low cost.

We printed the brochures digitally due to the low print volume, and finished them with a soft touch laminate and Scodix throughout, with each brochure being personalised. We then designed a digital label, with soft touch laminate and Scodix finish, for the box to be wrapped in. Finally, using our trusted network of suppliers, we sourced a machine cut inlay that kept the contents of the box secure.

We delivered a final product that had a more premium look and feel than the original specification, but which came in at only a third of the original budget. Most importantly, our client was completely satisfied.

When it comes to creative solutions to client’s challenges, we are committed to working consultatively to get the right product at the right price. In cross-media production, as in everyday life, we believe it sometimes pays to take the path less trodden.