Carbon Capture Programme – August ’16

Hello and welcome to the August issue of our Carbon Capture newsletter.

Enjoy the Woodlands
We all have fond memories from our childhood, playing in the woods with our friends or siblings; climbing trees, playing hide & seek or even soldiers.

We may have grown up a bit since but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy woodland with our family and friends. Before the summer is over why not take the time to enjoy some local (or not so local) woodland, as part of our ongoing efforts to Carbon Capture our paper purchase through Premier Paper, we are supporting the conservation and generation of local woodland throughout the UK. So whether you go camping, organise a picnic, teach your children how to climb trees or try your hand at bush craft; get out and explore some of the magical woodland locations before summer ends.

A list of woodland areas and Tree Party packs can be found at


Tree of the Month : Ash
Ash Tree

Also as a bit of fun, on each edition of our Carbon Capture Programme we will be naming our tree of the month, this month we have chosen the Ash!

Common ash is found across Europe, from the Arctic Circle to Turkey. It is the third most common tree in Britain. It is currently being affected by Chalara dieback of ash, a disease caused by the Hymenoscyphus fraxineus fungus (previously Chalara fraxinea).

When fully grown, Ash trees can reach a height of 35m. Tall and graceful, they often grow together, forming a domed canopy. The bark is pale brown to grey, which fissures as the tree ages. Easily identified in winter by smooth twigs that have distinctively black, velvety leaf buds arranged opposite each other.

Ash trees make the perfect habitat for a number of different species of wildlife. The airy canopy and early leaf fall allow sunlight to reach the woodland floor, providing optimum conditions for wildflowers such as dog violet, wild garlic and dogs mercury, and consequently insects such as the rare and threatened high brown fritillary butterfly.

At Datum, we are proud of our ongoing commitment to respecting the environment and conducting our business in a way that is at once ethical, sustainable and responsible, an ongoing commitment to our ISO14001 accreditation

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