Why our clients see us as more than just another supplier

Every client relationship starts somewhere.  It could be a request for a quote for a small print run.  It could be an enquiry about a design and install project for an exhibition. Given the depth and breadth of our services and solutions portfolio it could, frankly, be a lot of things.  Whatever the need, we always get the same excitement from engaging with a new client.  Excitement driven by the anticipation that we could be on the cusp of a long-term relationship, another fresh opportunity to show exactly what we can do and how we can add significant value to any organisation’s marketing activities.

That’s the exact feeling we recall when we were first approached by Ronacrete eight years ago. Like many new clients they came with a single requirement and liked the work we produced.  Then, they came with another requirement and were delighted to find we could do that too. And then another. And so forth until we could look back through our records and see we had undertaken work that included print jobs, artwork and design projects, photography, website builds, branded clothing, advertising campaigns and point of sale.  And that doesn’t even cover off the events and exhibitions we supported them at – here’s a nifty video that shows exactly how that went.

Being able to delight clients like Ronacrete with our wide range of services is all very good but that alone is not what differentiates us.  We combine a “one stop shop” approach with a genuine desire to become an extension of our client’s existing team.  We are there to understand clients’ objectives and, using our expertise, help them to formulate marketing strategies and plans that we know will deliver against them.  By keeping it all under one roof, we can help make budgets stretch further as economies of scale are achieved and supplier management overheads are slashed.  We also ensure that everything produced is consistent – we know clients, such as Ronacrete, so well that we can spot if something is tonally out of kilter and quickly correct it.  As we also store all the design assets we can make sure that everything looks exactly as it should.

“Datum are the marketing team that a business of our size simply couldn’t afford to have in-house.  They are always available and are always coming up with ideas and suggestions that consistently help drive our business forward.”
Commercial Director, Ronacrete

Giving businesses a helping hand is what Datum is all about.  Why not get in touch today and we can explore how we can help you achieve your objectives.  You never know – it could be the start of something amazing. Please contact Scott Pearce for further details

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