Crafting Your Palette: Top 10 Websites to Find the Perfect Colour Scheme for Designers

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Choosing the right colours is pivotal in design, influencing not only aesthetics but also user perception and brand identity. Whether you’re a budding designer or a seasoned creative, having a toolkit for colour selection can greatly enhance your projects. This blog explores the top 10 websites that can help you find the perfect colour scheme, ensuring your designs resonate with their intended audience.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color is a powerful tool that allows designers to create, save, and explore colour schemes with ease. The website features a colour wheel to adjust schemes and an extensive library of pre-made combinations. It’s particularly useful for integrating with other Adobe software, streamlining your design process. Visit Adobe Color


Coolors is a quick and user-friendly website for generating colour palettes. You can start from a photo, explore trending palettes, or create one from scratch using the app. It’s especially handy for designers looking to quickly iterate colour schemes. Visit Coolors

Color Hunt

Color Hunt offers a curated collection of beautiful, hand-picked colour palettes. Updated daily and with thousands of options, it’s perfect for designers seeking inspiration and fresh ideas. Visit Color Hunt


Paletton is designed to help create colour combinations that are visually harmonious. Its use of colour theory and customizable colour wheels makes it a great educational tool as well as a practical one for projects. Visit Paletton

Canva Colour Palette Generator

Canva’s Colour Palette Generator is fantastic for those starting with an image and wanting to extract a colour palette. Simply upload an image, and the tool provides a complementary colour scheme, useful for branding and web design. Visit Canva Colour Palette Generator


Colormind uses artificial intelligence to generate colour schemes that are both innovative and functional. It can learn colour styles from photographs, movies, and popular art, making it an excellent tool for contemporary designs. Visit Colormind


Khroma uses AI to learn your colour preferences and generates limitless palettes for you to choose from. After selecting your favourite colours, it predicts and creates palettes that might fit your taste. Visit Khroma


ColorSpace helps you to generate a palette for multiple uses once you pick a base colour. It’s particularly useful for creating colour gradients and full project palettes. Visit ColorSpace

Design Seeds

Design Seeds celebrates colours found in nature and the everyday environment, offering palettes inspired by these hues. It’s a fantastic resource for those seeking organic and calming colour schemes. Visit Design Seeds

Pigment by ShapeFactory

Pigment by ShapeFactory is an intuitive and robust tool that allows for the creation of complex gradients. It’s perfect for designers who want to explore and apply gradient colours in web design or digital artwork. Visit Pigment by ShapeFactory


Selecting the right colour palette is crucial in setting the tone and enhancing the usability of your design projects. These 10 websites provide a range of tools that cater to different needs and styles, helping you bring your creative visions to life. Explore these resources and start building your unique colour story today!

Ready to elevate your designs with the perfect colour scheme? Visit these websites and discover the power of colour! For more design insights and professional support, contact us at Datum. Let’s craft vivid visual stories together.

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