Datum Signposts – Pinterest

Anyone whose role requires a healthy dose of creativity, be it agency or client-side, will recognise the feeling of frustration at just being stumped for ideas.  It happens to us all – whether we can’t see the wood for the designer trees or we’re just tangled up in the creative weeds – sometimes the path to great creative ideas can appear to be blocked.

In moments such as these we have two coping strategies. Firstly, a nice hot drink and maybe a biscuit. Secondly, we fire up our favourite Pinterest boards and browse what Pinterest themselves describe as a global catalogue of ideas. It’s not about plagiarising other people’s work – instead it’s a source of inspiration and infinite alternative thinking, allowing creatives to spot other visual routes or fresh ways to deliver their message. It’s like tapping in to a giant creative mind and virtually brainstorming with peers from all four corners of the globe. The results can be truly inspiring.

Here are some of the Pinterest boards that we particularly like. Rather than trying to categorise them we recommend just clicking on a few and seeing where your creative journey takes you.

Brandon Lesley
Carolina Beiertz
Daniel Abrahams
Danny Claridge
Joy Cho
Kayla Meyer
Lisa Welding
Maia McDonald
Nick Karn
Paula Cevasco
Sean Booth
Severien Van Dam

Last, but we hope not least, we also have our own Datum Pinterest board  We use it to show what we do, what inspires us, what we like and anything and everything else we think might lend a hand to our Creative clients.  Have a look and see what you think.  Best enjoyed with the aforementioned hot drink and optional biscuit.

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