Helping clients get the best returns from social media

In a relatively short period of time social media, in its many guises, has revolutionised the world we live in.  It has forever changed how we keep in touch with friends, how we look for new employment opportunities and how we consume and share news and opinions.  It’s fair to say that there are very few facets of life (and, indeed, very few lives themselves) that have not been impacted by the soaring adoption of social media.  And love it or hate it seems destined to be here to stay.

In our personal lives, our daily interaction with social media is often little more than “liking” an update about a distant friend’s child’s ballet recital or switching out a LinkedIn profile picture to something evermore optimistic.  But how do businesses positively harness the power of social media whilst avoiding the potentially damaging pitfalls it also presents?  This is a question we are frequently asked by clients at Datum and one that we are well placed to answer.  Why?  Because as well as a proud track record of delivering social media campaigns for clients, we have also recently completely overhauled our own social media strategy and were careful to take copious notes along the way.  Here’s what worked for us and what might very well work for you too.

Social Media on iPhone

For many years we had a presence on the main social media channels but found it a challenge to gain any real traction with our followers.  What we really needed to do was to project our personality and propositions through our social media presence whilst also rewarding our followers with value-added content.

We took our existing channels, Facebook and Twitter, and gave them a design overhaul.  We also introduced Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.  We applied the same design principles to all but allocated a unique colour scheme to each.

Like many SME’s, we couldn’t justify the resource for a dedicated social media manager.  Instead, we assigned different colleagues to different channels.  With a clear set of guidelines to ensure tonal and visual consistency, this meant that we could constantly generate and share interesting and varied content from across the business without it ever becoming negatively impactful on any individual’s role.  We utilised Hootsuite to ensure that we posted at times likely to be the most impactful in terms of reaching our target audience.

By deploying a multi-channel approach, we were able to deliver campaigns that would stretch over weeks and thus constantly reinforce our messaging about our products and services.

Our re-vamped Facebook presence has been a real success story.  We avoid using it for overt selling and instead view it as a branding medium.  We publish project updates and insights to keep the flow of visitors coming – as it stands 17% of all our website traffic is generated through Facebook.  Paid campaigns and Facebook Pixel are great ways of getting in front and staying in front of our target audiences.

Of our newer channels, our company LinkedIn page keeps our clients and followers up to speed on our latest product and service innovations.  Our staff use it to share product updates and initiate conversations to drive awareness and enquiries.  We deliberately aim to connect with LinkedIn members who fit our target profile with the aim of directing them to our website and presenting them with our key messages.

We have plenty of other examples of how we have used social media to drive business which we would love to discuss in greater detail with you.   Once we understand your challenges and goals we can recommend a bespoke social media strategy and even give you a helping hand to implement it.

Give us a call on the handline for an informal chat about maximising your organisation’s returns from social media.