Helping small businesses get the most from their marketing budget

As a nation of entrepreneurs it is no surprise that small businesses are absolutely vital to the health of the UK economy.  But owning and operating a small business is hard work and often an extreme challenge.  Estimates vary but the general consensus is that 20% of small businesses will fail within a year, whilst 50% won’t make it to their third anniversary.

The reasons for such high failure rates are as many as they are varied but one that frequently ranks near the top is an inability to crack the marketing conundrum.

Small business owners come from different backgrounds and have differing skillsets and experience to draw upon.  Inevitably, many will not have any direct experience or an understanding of marketing which leads some to largely ignore it and focus on the disciplines they do feel comfortable with.  As they then discover, a lack of marketing leads to a lack of customers and a lack of sales.  It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is if you don’t tell anyone about it.

Small business owners often cannot justify or afford a dedicated in-house marketing manager for 5 days a week and 52 weeks of the year.  Clearly, ignoring marketing completely is not an option and many owners will try their best to master it, but those who do not come from a marketing background often don’t have the specialist knowledge to help them ascertain will work and what will not. That can lead to budget being spent on the wrong approach and the opportunity being lost.

At Datum, we have years of experience and a proud track record of giving our small business clients a helping hand with their marketing projects.  No two clients are the same, so we always tailor our solutions based on the specific needs and objectives of each client.  Our services are completely flexible as well as scalable and range from coming up with concepts for your campaigns, to communicating your key messages through design, through to helping you get your campaigns in front of your target audience.  Think of us as the Guardian Angels of your project – we know from experience what will work best and what will get you the maximum return on investment (ROI) and we’ll work with you to ensure that your campaign makes the impact you need. We can help with tracking and reporting so that you can see the ROI first-hand. What is more, we work across all media and are completely agnostic – we will never recommend an approach we don’t believe in just because it’s a specialism.

But don’t just take our word for it.  As an example, we worked with local Hatfield small business we worked with a specialist crime lawyers Lawtons Solicitors on a number of their marketing challenges ranging from their Direct Marketing through to the design of their stationery and even their signage.  Here’s what they had to say about us.

“We always find the team at Datum extremely helpful and approachable when we work with them on different aspects of our marketing.”
Stephen Halloran
Owner, Lawtons Law

If you are a small business that would benefit from a helping hand with your marketing projects, then drop us a email or give us a call on the handline 01707 251222.  We’ll take time to understand your marketing challenges and draw on our experience to make recommendations on the most cost effective yet impactful approaches to overcome them.