How Analytics Help You Understand Your Audience?

Google analytics is one of the best and most useful tools released by the search engine specialist.It is is a comprehensive tool for tracking users on both websites and mobile applications. Set up correctly and it can form the foundation for tracking the performance of all your digital marketing campaigns…

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With it’s basic setup Google Analytics can give you an understanding of the following areas:

Using some of the more advanced features can allow you to track conversions, get detailed ecommerce information and even segment your data to look at more specific areas of information like studying how mobile users behave on your site. A lot of this information is available in real time too.

Conversion goals play a large part in getting the most out of using Google Analytics and once set up these can provide telling performance patterns. Goals can be anything from someone purchasing something, someone filling out a contact form or even someone clicking a button and the package can link these actions to information like where a visitor has come from which can build a great picture of your most successful channels. Would knowing that your last 10 contacts came from social media and none came from pay per click or similar information help you? It should help you understand where you need to improve or where you should be spending your time and money.

Want it yet? Why not? It is absolutely free also.

Things that Google Analytics can help you with:

Having all this information at your fingertips means you can tailor your digital marketing, and the way in which it operates to better suit your visitors. That could result in a significant increase in sales, and might even help you to move up to the next level.

This information is also useful when it comes to customising your online advertising efforts. If over 70% of your visitors are male, you could save a lot of money by targeting that group rather than females. Likewise, if the bulk of your visitors are over the age of 40, refraining from advertising to people under that age could have the same effect.

We hope that’s cleared things up!

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