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Are school magazines still relevant in a world where the latest school updates and news are available on the school website, social media channels or regular newsletters emailed directly to parents’ inboxes?

In a word, yes. These publications, brimming with creativity and with space for reflective and in-depth articles, hold more value today than ever before. School magazines are not just printed materials (albeit they are also always available in digital format); they are a canvas for the school community to express themselves, a platform for engaging with all stakeholders in your school’s audience, and a treasure trove of memories preserved in page form. We look at why school magazines continue to engage and delight school communities and the five key ingredients to successfully produce and distribute a top-quality school magazine.

Celebrating Creativity and Achievement

School magazines serve as a vibrant showcase for the pupils’ hard work and creativity. They encapsulate a range of talents, from short and long-form articles and essays to captivating artwork and poetry, allowing children to see their efforts celebrated and appreciated by the wider school community. This celebration of pupil achievement goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it fosters a sense of pride and boosts confidence among young contributors, encouraging them to pursue their passions and refine their talents.

Writing for a Real-life Audience: A Motivational Force

The prospect of having work published in the school magazine can provide a powerful motivational boost for pupils. Writing or creating for a real-life audience extends beyond the classroom’s confines, offering a taste of the wider world’s challenges and rewards. This real-world relevance inspires pupils to push their boundaries, improve their skills, and express their ideas more thoughtfully and creatively. The feedback and recognition received from peers, teachers and parents further fuel this inspiration, driving a cycle of continuous improvement and engagement.

A Medium to Inform, Persuade, and Entertain

School magazines engage their audience on multiple levels. With the time and space to curate and create well-crafted articles, interviews and images, magazines offer a more comprehensive way to inform their readers about what makes your school special, and allows the depth and breadth to explore what differentiates your school from others. It is usually only a school magazine that offers a platform for such a rich mix of content, from persuasive pieces on topical issues to entertaining content, such as humorous anecdotes or pupil-written fiction, all of which reflect the diversity of school life.

Creating Timeless Keepsakes

Beyond their immediate impact, school magazines act as a tangible snapshot of a particular time in the school’s history, capturing the essence of each year’s events, trends and collective achievements. For pupils and parents alike, these publications become cherished keepsakes, evoking nostalgia and preserving memories of school life that can be revisited and relished for years to come. The magazine serves as a physical milestone in a child’s educational journey, a reminder of the friendships and experiences that shaped their formative years.

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Queenswood Chronicle
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St Piran’s Magazine
The 5 Key Ingredients for a Successful School Magazine
  1. Understanding the Magazine’s Purpose

The first step is to grasp the magazine’s core objectives: Who is it for? How should it serve its audience differently from existing school communications?  Understanding this at the very start will inform every stage of the magazine’s development, ensuring that the final publication resonates and fulfils its intended role within the school community.

  1. Collaborative Content Planning

It’s crucial that you choose a design and print and/or digital partner who will work together with the school, helping you to devise a comprehensive content plan. At the very least, the plan should outline the magazine’s structure, themes and key contributions, so that expectations are set early in the process. It will also help to create a magazine that is a joy to pick up and read!

  1. Meticulous Editing and Proofreading

To err is human, but it’s crucial to do everything in your power to ensure accuracy on every page of a magazine that has longevity and high ‘keepsake value’. Always use a design and print supplier who offers expert proofreading services; you may wish to use in-house editing services too if this isn’t manageable in school. This attention to detail ensures that the magazine is produced to the highest standard and is the best possible showcase for the school.

  1. Professional Printing and Distribution

Consider the quality and type of print expertise your school magazine requires to create the desirable ‘coffee-table’ standards of production. Innovations in print and state-of-the-art printing techniques will bring the school’s vision to life. There are myriad combinations of paper types, formats and special finishes to choose from and you will benefit from the advice of experienced designers and print experts on what combinations will work best to perfectly embody your school spirit.

  1. Digital Editions and Direct Mail Service

Remember to offer digital editions of your school magazine too, for accessibility and convenience; this ensures that family members and alumni far and wide can share in the school’s achievements without additional cost implications. Design and print specialists such as Datum offer a direct mail service, a seamless and hassle-free way of ensuring that every family receives their copy direct from the printing presses, removing the need for bulk deliveries or extensive mailing by the school.

Here at Datum, we have a long history of producing school magazines that celebrate creativity, inform and entertain their readers, committing memories to the page to ensure they are never lost.

Working with Datum guarantees a smooth, collaborative process – from concept to distribution – that honours the school’s vision and every contribution, immortalising your school’s achievements and reflecting the school’s ethos.

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