Keeping our clients tickled pink

It’s fair to say that, of all the alcoholic beverages available, Port has had a reputation for being traditional rather than trendy. It may have occasionally made its way into a Student Night “Cheeky Vimto” but its endearing image is more as a postprandial to be served with some strong cheese. So, we were intrigued when our client, Croft, one of the original founding port houses, briefed us on Croft Pink, the world’s first Pink Port that was being showcased at the Imbibe Live trade event at Olympia London.

Croft asked us to put together a basic set of artwork and then create and print graphics that could be used at the show.

At Datum, we are as passionate about our clients’ brands as we are our own. So, when we took the time to sit down and review the existing artwork, and what it needed to achieve for the client, we didn’t feel it quite passed muster. We quickly flagged our thoughts and proposed an action plan to the client. Croft are the experts on their brand but we like to think we are the experts on how to get the most out of trade events. Fortunately, that was also the view of the client and they told us to press ahead with our new plan.

We asked Croft to ship us some product samples. We then trawled the retail outlets of Hatfield, seeking out the most photogenic fruit and bowls. One of our meeting rooms was transformed into a photographic studio and, with some creative fruit carving, we were able to create some visually stunning artwork that really showed off Croft Pink in a great, fresh light.

The client was delighted. So impressed were they with our vision for their stand, they asked us to step in to manage and execute the installation. The result was a great looking stand that helped Croft Pink gain cut through and impact at an event where hundreds of other exhibitors are all clamouring for attention.


So, if you are looking for a fresh way to enjoy Port, may we suggest Croft Pink.  If you are looking for a cross-media production agency that always goes the extra mile for its clients, then why not give us a call on the handline or drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on 01707 251222