Q&A with our Managing Partner Mark Gamble

Over the coming months, Datum would like to take you on a journey with each member of staff on what makes them tick and some of their thoughts on the industry. We start our Q&A series with our Managing Partner Mark Gamble.

What is your nickname?

What would you most like to produce?
A 5 year marketing campaign for the UK Ltd with full worldwide printing rights

What is your favourite film?
Wayne’s World

What is your favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere warm, by a clear sea, with some wind.

What is your favourite TV programme?
Twin Peaks was special & I really like Luther.

What is your favourite saying?
Our is not to reason why, ours is but to clean the sty.

What is your favourite album?
Green Day – American Idiot or David Gray – White Ladder, I cant decide.

What would your top 3 dinner party guests be?
Mr Winston Churchill, Mr Richard Branson, Mr Lee Mack (perhaps not all at the same time)

What is your dream job?
Professional Windsurfer

 What are the Top 3 challenges your clients are currently facing?
It will vary for each client, but I would say the main one is understanding where social media fits into a business plan and how they can benefit from using this channel.

What does Cross Media production mean to you?
To me it is the integration of Design, Print, Digital, Web and even film. Brand is so important nowadays that every touch point needs have consistent brand & tone of voice.

How do you think Datum differentiates itself from its competitors?
Our differentiator is that we understand the power of print & digital and that they must both work together and that we can produce both channels in-house.

How would you like to be remembered?
As being fair and honest

Life is…?
Something that happens everyday, make the most of it.