Q&A with our Sales Director Patrick Heyfron

The latest in our Q&A series is with our Sales Director Patrick Heyfron.

What is your nickname?

What would you most like to produce?
The venue branding for Dubai 20:20

What is your favourite film?
The Killing Fields if I have to pick one

What is your favourite holiday destination?

What is your favourite TV programme?
Whatever my wife is watching

What is your favourite saying?
Anything positive, no point being negative

What is your favourite album?
Way too many to mention but; Amy, U2, Bob Marley

What would your top 3 dinner party guests be?
Michael Palin, Spike Milligan, Oliver Reed.

What piece of kit would you like to see invented?
Electronic Paper for use in display applications

What is the worst kind of media?
Anything with a misleading message, which almost always ends up failing.

What is your dream job?
Deep Sea Fishing Boat Operator in a warm climate.

What are the Top 3 challenges your clients are currently facing?
– Getting more value from campaign budgets is a constant challenge for clients.
– Getting their campaign delivered across all brand activation touchpoints; digital, print, display and events.
– Getting ROI on spend from a campaign

What does Cross Media production mean to you?
Cross Media Production means giving clients the choice to deliver campaigns over a project’s lifetime which encompass digital marketing, direct mail, print and display, all managed to co-ordinate the timing of campaign delivery in a measurable way.

How do you think Datum differentiates itself from its competitors?
By listening. Everything we do is customer focused so this is always the best way to start. Once we understand our clients objectives we can start the process of working together to plan and agree how we can help.

How would you like to be remembered?
However people want to is fine by me.

Life is…
Whatever you want it to be.

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