Safeguarding your brand in a cross-media world

The concept of “brand” dates back for millennia. It was often not much more than a maker’s mark that was burnt onto livestock or produce. In retrospect, brand managers of old had it pretty easy. Brand management and safeguarding has become a progressively harder task since those times. This has been brought into stark focus recently as organisations, large and small, have embraced the opportunities presented by cross-media marketing.

As always, opportunities are accompanied by risk. It’s great to be able to get your brand in front of your target audience but not so good if your brand guidelines have been misinterpreted by a media partner and your logo has been altered, your colours changed, or your messaging lost. A damaged brand is expensive to restore.

How do you protect your brand in this new and evolving environment? Our latest White Paper “Safeguarding your brand in a cross-media world” examines the challenges being faced and makes recommendations on how you can make the most of the opportunities presented whilst also ensuring your brand remains protected and secure.

Your brand is key to your success. We are here to provide a helping hand to make sure yours is safeguarded – no matter how complex your marketing plans.

See below a selection of previous items produced by Datum for a typical cross-media project, along with the white paper available for download.

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