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Point of sale

We produce everything retailers could want, including posters, floor coverings, window graphics and display units, for many well-known high-street brands. POS, POP, barkers, wobblers, FSDUs – this is the section for strange names and acronyms. Keep an eye out for more!

Big is beautiful

Using our large format presses we can produce high-quality, large-scale graphics that will complement and enhance your brand. Be it large hanging boards to direct and inform or floor graphics to inspire and persuade, just talk to us.

Bollinger Bar

Are you wobbling and barking?

To ensure your products are chosen before your competitors, make sure the shelves are barking and your graphics are wobbling with your brand. Have you seen our 3D wobblers?

Sanctuary Spa Logo White Out

A packaging refresh for a high-street beauty brand that’s expanded far beyond their Covent Garden roots.

Case Study

Does your product deserve more?

Worried your product will be hidden and not displayed properly in store? It won’t happen when we install it, but a free-standing display unit (FSDU) is another alternative. You decide how it looks to boost brand awareness and increase sales.


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