StandUP – The Portable Work Station #standupworksmart

Loosing the ability to improve employees wellbeing doesn’t sit comfortably for many organisations. 

Care packs, wine boxes, survival kits and mental health therapy are some of the concepts adopted by organisations to support employees in return for them turning their homes into offices, call centres and even warehouses.

With a sudden increase in homeworking organisations have lost control on ergonomics, staff break times, and driving company culture. Some employees are being forced to create desks on Ironing Boards, in drinks cabinets, on highchairs, in wardrobe areas, in bathrooms and even on ladders! 

Ensuring employees are working with the best possible equipment and in the most comfortable environment to maintain and drive productivity alongside keeping staff fit and well is now more important than ever. Many organisations are looking at new and innovative ways to maintain positive company culture.

#standUP is a portable workstation that instantly transforms a table or flat surface from a sitting to a standing position giving users the opportunity to #standupworksmart. 

#standUP folds away neatly and easily and gives users the flexibility to be able to work comfortably either standing or sitting.

Proven to improve efficiency, posture and mood whilst increasing calories burnt – standing to work is common practice across many progressive working cultures.  

Made from recycled material and fully biodegradable/recyclable, #standUP offers an environmentally friendly solution which is disposable and easily replenished as required.

“Following a staff survey we learnt that most of our team were uncomfortable working from home in makeshift office spaces on unsuitable desks and chairs. We looked at the cost to transport our expensive office chairs to teams at home in a 40 mile radius of the office however space constraints plus different shaped desks meant many of our staff were forced to reject their chair. After reviewing best working practices we came across #standUP and it has literally transformed our workforce and given us peace of mind that we are continuing to look after our staff and their wellbeing”

James Collins, Head of HR ITechsystems

Driving positive working culture
Support mental and physical wellbeing

Enable staff to keep fitter by tracking active minutes or standing time during the working day

Keep teams engaged in back-to-back video calls and meetings?

Standing to work

  • Helps focus and efficiency
  • Burns more calories than sitting down 
  • Great for better posture and improving spinal conditions
  • Increases active minutes and stand hours tracked on fitness devices 
  • Improves mood and energy


  • Kind to the environment – recyclable and biodegradable made from recycled card
  • Compact solution folds away easily – simply collapse to transform a workspace 
  • Gives staff choices to stand or sit when working to ease back, shoulder and pelvic pain plus 
  • Promote blood sugar levels returning to normal faster 
  • Instantly transform any table or desk
  • Can be used for desktop and laptop devices

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