Top Tips For Home Working – Brand

This is the first in a series of short blogs in association with Magnificent Stuff to meet the challenges of working from home and maintaining productivity within your business.

We will be covering visibility, culture and productivity, but start the series with Brand.


Whilst employees are working from home and representing your business offsite there are some smart and very simple ways you can ensure employees still feel part of your organisation:

· Camera’s On – Engagement is so much better when cameras are switched on and people interact visually.  Company policy of CAMERA’S ON is key to ensuring everyone is present, engaged and paying attention. It’s important everyone adheres to this from the top down to install it as part of brand culture. Having a branded coffee cup for staff to use whilst  they’re on a call is a very simple and easy way to remind video call users who they are in a meeting with.

· Camera-Ready Clothing and Appearance – In the same way you would get washed and dressed to go into work employees should be doing the same to work from home. For video calls choose a simple, solid coloured top, (intricate patterns and designs are distracting on camera). If there is a uniform or branded clothing encourage teams to wear it – not only does this help employees feel part of an organisation but also ensures they are representing the company professionally.  Advise employees to keep their hair out of their face and to position the camera to show face, shoulders, and a bit of the torso. For branded clothing and merchandise please contact us today.

· Video-Conferencing Backdrop – Be aware of what a computer or phone camera shows to avoid anything embarrassing – not just thinking about how you look but the background in your house too – have a digital branded backdrop created to blur out the clothes drier or the unfinished decorating and help give teams a united feel for meetings whilst driving a unified  brand. A simple branded backdrop is easy for us to create and help you install for users.

· Custom Reactions & GIFs – GIFs and custom reactions in messages can help to strengthen a bond between users at a time when remote working makes office banter/face-to-face interactions less likely. Many applications offer these as an option however we can create a series of branded Gifs/icons for your team/business

Speak to us today for a simple WORK FROM HOME brand kit.

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