Why being Green is more than just a wizard idea

There has been extensive coverage in the press about how the paper production and printing industries have worked tirelessly to ensure that they minimise or, better still, neutralise their environmental impacts.  Industry bodies such as the BPIF provide support and guidance to its members on best environmental practice as well as highlighting some of the surprisingly positive aspects of utilising paper as a medium – contrary to the received wisdom of shrinking forests, the annual increase of forest cover in Europe is equivalent to more than 1.5 million football pitches (source: www.twosides.info).

To be most successful, the industry requires its constituents and their wider supply chains to embrace environmentally sound practices and policies. That is something we are focussed on here at Datum. Whilst our focus has shifted to cross-media production, we remain committed to best environmental practice in our day to day activities as well in how we operate as a business. Our latest White Paper “Why being Green is more than just a wizard idea” sets out how we have approached the challenge, provides real examples of changes that many organisations could adopt to augment their environmental credentials whist also busting some of the myths that have developed around the impact and usage of paper.

Click here to download the white paper (PDF 61k)

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